Gospel Life, Part Four:  The How of the Mission, Gospel Rhythms


Jesus left us with a great commission and with the greatest equipper.  The great commission reminds us that Jesus has all power and authority – in knowing that, we are to go and make disciples along the way.  He promised us the Holy Spirit, the most powerful equipper who gives us all knowledge of the Truth and empowers us to succeed in Christ’s commands.


How do we make disciples?  This is a critical question and one that we often over-think.  We are busy folks and have filled up our days with all kinds of good stuff.  There are two problems with this:


  1. We do not leave any margin for spontaneous discipleship moments. In short, we just do not have time for these unexpected opportunities.
  2. We assume discipleship to be a similar event to those we scribble on our calendars and plug into our iPhones. Therefore, we try to fit it into our schedules just like a T-ball practice, doctor’s checkup, or lunch meeting.


This often leads to not being able to fit everything into our busy weeks and we feel like discipleship failures.  Our response is to just give up or force discipleship to happen where it doesn’t fit. This behavior proves just how much we’ve failed to really understand true discipleship.


It’s not an event – it is a lifestyle!  Life presents many wonderful opportunities in the everyday moments to participate in God’s plan of genuine discipleship. So, I am challenging each of you to look at your Google Calendars, kitchen whiteboards, and paper planners and ask the following.


  1. What am I doing that tends to get in the way?  Perhaps there are some things I’m doing that eat away at the margin I should be building into my life to allow myself to foster relationships and build connections that grow in genuine discipleship.
  2. Of what’s left of my time, how can I see gospel moments in all of these commitments and activities? Are there opportunities to disciple that I am missing?  Maybe leveraging the relationships I have to grow and share gospel life with these people is why my calendar is so full.


In summary, the mission of making disciples is not an addition to an already busy life.  The mission is the lens through which we should see all of life!  As missionary families, we look at our culture and we see every moment of every day as an opportunity to be on mission together.  We live as disciple-driven missionaries in the everyday rhythms of life.  At Summit Crossing, we believe that all people engage in very normative rhythms.




  • Eat:  We regularly eat meals with others to invite them into Gospel Community.  This is something that everyone does, at least three times a day.  There are countless opportunities to disciple here!


  • Bless:  We intentionally bless others through words, gifts, and actions.  God promised Abraham that all the nations of the world would be blessed through him.  This was fulfilled in Christ and is continued in us, His church!


  • Celebrate:  We gather together regularly to celebrate God’s extravagant blessings in Jesus.  We should throw the best parties in town!  Our parties should be legendary and the world gets to see Christ in our celebrations


  • Recreate:  We take time to rest, play, create, and restore beauty in ways that reflect God and the work of the Gospel to others.  When Christ came, He brought the Kingdom, the beginning of making all things new.  We now get to work with Him in this restorative movement until the day all things are united in Him!


Truly, we get to make disciples in the everyday moments of life.  It’s a pleasure, not an obligation.  It’s a lifestyle, not an event.  Next week we will examine where this happens.


Note:  Thanks so much to our brothers at Soma Communities who significantly influenced us in these rhythms!  



About Mark Sellers
Mark the Antiblogger lives with his wife Staci in Madison, Alabama. Apart from his crusade to destroy all things blog he and his wife are in over their heads with Summit Crossing Community Church, a cool Christian community of believers. They have two precious adopted children, Andrew (Guatemala) and Ava (USA), that fill their days with excitement and joy. You can also find Mark's blogs on, and follow him on Twitter @dmarksellers.

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